Simple Tips to Ace Interviews

Simple Tips to Ace Interviews

By Izatul Lyana 

Guest Writer, KOTO Association 

Do we need someone to lead us through the interview process?  

Yes, we do! Whether we seek advice or assistance from friends, lecturers, employers, or the internet, we still want guidance, particularly for recent graduates seeking employment. Got you a few tips before and during the interview! I hope it will assist you in your job search in the future. 

5 Tips before and during the interview 

1. Get enough research about the company 

According to Heather Huhman, he mentioned that there are 7 things to research before doing the job interview. To begin, conduct research about the talents and experience that the company requires. Second, become acquainted with the company’s main players and be informed on the company’s current events. Learn about the company’s mission, cultures, and values so we can determine whether or not we are a good fit for the company’s working environment. The next step is to determine who the company’s client is, as well as what product or service the company provides or produces. We can also read reviews of the company on various websites or blogs. Last but not least, finding about the person who will be interviewing you will help you in learning the interviewer’s background and their common interest. 

2. Practice answering frequently asked questions during the interview 

Start preparing for your interview by practice answering commonly asked questions. The most common question that will be asked by the interviewer is tell me about yourself. As we all know, the question seems simple but it’s crucial. Continue to describe yourself, including your strengths, work experience, and talents, rather than just introducing oneself. Other common interview questions include: how did you learn about this position, why should we hire you, what is your weakness, what is your best accomplishment, and so on. They will also present you with a circumstance and ask you to resolve the disagreement or issue. 

3. Understand the task and the role of the position  

Before applying for a job, you should study the job description that the company has published. Learn about the roles and the tasks that will be assigned to you. Recognize your abilities and determine how they relate to the role. Find essential factors such as required expertise, experience, and quality. Make sure that you are fully understanding about the role, your skills and experience will help you to become capable in doing the task. We always want a job that will challenge us, but not to the point where we will fail. Most of the time, a challenging yet achievable goal is a good goal. 

4. Make a list of the questions you want to ask during the interview beforehand. 

You can ask the interviewer a few questions, such as concerning the job scope and requiring the interviewer to explain on the job in precise terms. It will give the impression to the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job. Aside from that, you can inquire about how your performance will be evaluated if you are hired. Furthermore, inquiring about specific requirements that the organization seeks for that job will offer you a better grasp of the role, allowing you to determine whether or not the position is a good fit for you. 

5. Associate your skills with your accomplishments 

In terms of this topic, it might also be one of the questions asked during the interview. You may be able to connect it to a recent event. You can explain the situation and context of your accomplishment before relating it to your abilities. Briefly describe how your abilities enabled the event to be a success. How you overcome the challenge also will become one of your skills. After that, Explain the kind of results you achieved. When describing the outcome, if possible do mention the numbers and quantifiable facts. If possible, include numbers and quantitative facts while summarizing the conclusion. You can share facts or a slide about the incident to give your interviewer a positive impression of your accomplishment. 


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