Fashion Designing Crash Course

Fashion Designing Crash Course

by Sivagammi

The timeline of humans started wearing clothes can be traced back to 170,000 years ago. Over the years, humans not only learn the use of different fabric, but they also designed various different styles of clothing. At this moment, the fancy-looking clothing that we are wearing is the end product developed by fashion designers with tons of effort and ideas.

Fashion Designing Crash Course is designed to inspire participants’ sense towards fashion designing and ignite the patriotism within them. They got to learn the basics of making a miniature outfit by using a few different skills such as sense of fashion, logical thinking, three-dimensional (3D) thinking and procedure handling.

As usual, this event was held at Mall of Medini on the 3rd of August 2019 and started with registration from 9 to 9.30 am. 17 future fashion designers from the age of 6 to 15 had participated. The event began with a short introduction regarding the evolution of fabric and fashion over the years. The instructor also touched on traditional clothing in Malaysia as examples and also ideas for the next step. Then, participants were asked to draw the design they desire and transfer it onto a 3D model template. Move on, they were required to come out with measurements of the fabric they need and cut out from a piece of fabric. We provided dozens of fabrics with variation in colours, materials, patterns and also physical characteristic. After cutting out the fabric, their job was to use hot glue gun to stick it and produce a rough outfit. After some tidy up and details added, the outfit was done.

Future fashion designers then presented their art piece and get comments on where to improve. In the process of accepting those pieces of advice, they get to learn new skills and also make new friends. Afterwards, certificates with the signature of Edwin Loh, CEO/ Co-Founder of The Xpress Train, were given to participants by the leading instructor, Lucas Koay. At 12.30pm, the event was successfully completed.

On to the next, The Xpress Train had started to plan for the future event which will be Stop Motion Animation with Clay Making Workshop.

Again, The Xpress Train here sincerely thanks for all the support and cooperation given not just by the participants also their parents and related authorities.

Written by: Lucas

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